Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my brother

Today I'd like to talk about a special someone for me which is my brother,
who has been always there for me, no matter what circumstances we're facing, since my father is overseas working, my oldest brother hassaneen takes care of us,
He's the man of the house as we like to call him, even thought we put lots of pressure on him, he never complains, he's the one that helped me register in this college in my first year,
I cant imagine living without him by my side, he's so supportive about anything positive, no one ever could take my brothers place.

how i use my Internet

Internet is one of the best inventions in the 20th century, its part of our lives, the number of people using the internet is increasing dramatically.

I myself use the internet in many different ways, I like to check my E-mail if I have any messages from my freinds or my siblings, who are far apart from me at the moment,
I also like to use the site Facebook, its a really useful communicating site, where I can reach out to many people all over the world, it also has many applications within, you can add freinds or delete them or block them temporary,
I also use it to download the latest songs and movies that has been unleashed lately, using torrents, I also spent lots of time on Youtube.com, which contains millions of videos with different categories.
I also use it for learning purposes, such as; finding answers to some of my assignments and homeworks, and classworks.

about me

my name is samir

I study computer science in the University of Science and Technology
The first group

i live in bahri

i love music